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Our naturally straight Indian hair typically has a slight wave pattern but can be flat ironed for a sleek straight look.  

Once hair is shampoo and air dried it will revert back to its natural gentle wave pattern.



Our natural wavy hair has a little more defined wave pattern hair but also has the versatility of wearing in its natural state, curled or flat ironed. Typically this wave pattern will hold curls longer than the straight hair because of its natural pattern.

Because of the natural state of all of our hair these textures vary from bundle to bundle and some patterns are more defined than the picture shown..



Our Deep Wave/Curly hair carry a very tight curl pattern that range from ringlets to spirals curls to deep wavy.  These are versatile as well and can be worn curled, flat ironed or in its natural state.  

Because of the natural state of all of our hair; textures vary from bundle to bundle.  Please be sure to speak with one of our Professional Hair Consultants to help assist you when choosing the desired curl pattern you are interested in.  



Our Coil Collection is also referred to as "Kinky" hair or "Heat Free" hair. This texture is great for women that would like to extend their natural hair locks when making the transition from relaxed or permed hair. It gives a natural look and adds on length and volume to your already gorgeous hair.



 Our Lace Closures are 4"x 4" in size and range from 10"-18" in lengths. These closures are great for full coverage of your sew in or units to allow your hair the necessary protection from heat and chemicals.  The lace closure can give an illusion of your natural hair if installed properly.  Always consult with a professional for proper installation.





Our Silk Base Closure are 4"x4" and the most natural closure to your actual hair scalp.  The silk base lining gives you a natural look which allows you to part in any direction without the worries.  





 Lace frontals are becoming more and more popular today.  The dimensions of our lace frontals are

13"x 4" and 13"x 6" which covers from ear to ear.  

Be sure to measure before placing orders to make sure the dimensions are suitable.  





Our Custom Units are made from our beautiful Tresses Hair Collection and given to our professional stylist to create the desired custom unit from any of our hair textures offered.  You are able to have colored, cut and styled to your specifications.  When ordering a custom unit the price includes the installation and styling by our professional stylist once unit is completed.  What was once only commonly used by celebrities and/or women with hair loss has become popular for everyday women that wish to change their look as often as they please.  It is a great accessory to any wardrobe.  Long, short, black or red the ladies love them and so do we!


When placing your orders (especially for mid length and longer hair) be sure to inquire on our sleep caps.  These caps are great for retaining your hair curls and minimizing breakage while sleeping.  They are made from sateen which is a breathable material that doesn't cause night sweats.  Not to mention, you don't have to stuff those beautiful Tresses into a small bonnet.  Order yours when placing your hair order and receive $5 off.



 We highly recommend any sulphate free and alcohol products when maintaining your hair as well as your Tresses Hair Extensions. These products are great for cleansing and reviving hair from the everyday elements. Be sure to order yours when placing your hair orders.

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